VoterTrove Releases Facebook Ad Platform Integration

July 23, 2015

Since our release nearly three years ago, Facebook has continued to change the way we communicate. As first-party data evangelists, we were really excited when they made custom audiences available in their ad platform. This enabled campaigns to match email addresses and mobile numbers to Facebook accounts to create custom audiences to target ads. The […]


Why Data-Driven Campaigns Should Think Like Facebook

March 19, 2015

This article originally appeared in Campaigns and Elections Magazine sk a dozen consultants to define big data and you’ll likely end up with a medley of responses. That’s because big data is a nebulous concept open to interpretation, which sometimes leads to misconceptions. Most would agree that it centers around the terabytes and terabytes of […]


No Victory Laps

November 5, 2014

I’m not a fan of victory laps. A lap is running in a circle. Should people appreciate their accomplishments? Absolutely… but the next accomplishment won’t be achieved soaking in the accolades while running back to where you started. In Republican campaigns, there’s no denying that a more clearly defined role of digital/data evolved this cycle. […]


In the News: 5 Austin startups to watch from Capital Factory’s 2014 demo day

October 15, 2014

Complete Article from VentureBeat By Tom Cheredar The city of Austin, Texas continues to impress with a high volume of interesting startups. Case in point: Yesterday, I had a chance to check out the fall demo day event from Austin-based startup incubator Capital Factory, and I came across five really interesting early-stage companies. VoterTrove VoterTroveRunning […]

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