Campaign platform teams up with top data firm to bridge GOP’s technology gap

WASHINGTON, D.C. – VoterTrove today announced a strategic partnership with Magellan Strategies, a Republican data analysis, survey research and data-modeling firm. The partnership combines VoterTrove’s new data-driven campaign platform with one of the best political databases in the country. The goal is to empower Republican candidates and conservative organizations with cutting-edge data and technology and secure victory.

“Magellan Strategies has been operating at the intersection of politics and technology for over 20 years, and it is our hope that through this strategic alliance, our game-changing technology will be paired with the strongest information and data available to help Republicans win elections,” said Justin Gargiulo, founder of VoterTrove.

VoterTrove combines activism and grassroots get-out-the-vote efforts, fundraising, communications and a dynamic new micro-targeting strategy in one easy to use cloud-based application. By continuously collecting, integrating and streamlining data from a host of sources that typically have been extremely fragmented in different “silos” for email lists, voter files, donor files and volunteers, all data now can be accessed from a single source.

Republican operative and data expert Justin Gargiulo released VoterTrove a few months prior to the 2012 election and battle-tested the platform with clients such as Allen West for Congress. In the wake of the election, the VoterTrove team added new features such as AutoPolls, email blasting and voter file-Facebook integration.

Earlier this month, Texas-based Gargiulo introduced VoterTrove to Republican candidates and conservative organizations at an Americans for Tax Reform meeting in Washington, D.C., while in town for the 2013 CampaignTech Conference. Partnering with Magellan now makes that platform more powerful.

“Magellan Strategies maintains their own national voter registration database of 185 million individuals. The database contains hundreds of thousands of proprietary data points on individual voters from Magellan’s survey research, data mining and data enhancement projects. Now including data from Magellan Strategies ensures VoterTrove clients will be using the best voter data possible for their campaigns.”

“Our vision at Magellan Strategies is to empower our clients with information derived from data and technology, to facilitate better decision-making,” said Dave Flaherty, CEO and founder of Magellan Strategies. “The VoterTrove platform empowers everyone involved in a campaign, from the campaign manager to the grassroots volunteer, giving them instant access to the data and information they need to make a true impact with their contributions and pave the way for winning strategies.”


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