We were excited to announce a partnership with CampaignGrid for online advertising back in February. This partnership has allowed our clients to target voters online by cookie matching their VoterTrove database.

This is way cooler than it may sound.

Basically, we are able to give you the ability to target your online ads through CampaignGrid the same way you target your mail, email, robocalls and more… all from the same platform.

Many of our clients were really excited. We’ve also talked with lots of people who are very interested, but have little experience with cookie targeting and online ads.

I’m happy to announce that Jordan Lieberman, President of CampaignGrid will join us for our next Webinar on Tuesday, June 3rd at 2pm Eastern. The Webinar is titled: Data and Digital, Understanding the Integrated Campaign.

Jordan joined CampaignGrid in 2010. Previously he spent five years as publisher of Campaigns & Elections magazine. Prior to C&E, Lieberman consulted on campaigns and advocacy programs in the United States and abroad, handling the direct mail and telephone advocacy programs for congressional and state house candidates.

We hope to cover lots of ground in an hour; from the basics of cookie targeted digital advertising to best practices in running efficient online campaigns.

Please click here to join us!