Two years ago today we launched our first client. It’s been quite a journey since. The VoterTrove data platform has now been used on campaigns in 23 states in the past 24 months, received multiple national industry awards and gained acceptance to a prestigious startup incubator.

We could not have achieved this without the help of our amazing clients, dedicated team, and incredible advisors.

This is just the beginning. We may not have the resources of some of our competitors, but we have twice the fight. We’ve achieved this without outside investment or a sales team. We’ve dedicated our resources to just two things; providing world class customer service, and building the best platform on the market.

Didn’t use VoterTrove this cycle? Hey, that’s okay. If you’re not satisfied with your current platform or just want to kick the tires a bit for no cost, please let us know. We’d love to start the conversation about 2016 and have you become part of our growth story as we march towards 50 states.

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