Working along side Alabama based general consultant Dave Mowery of Mowery Strategies, VoterTrove and VT Activate played a central role in a highly integrated, data-driven re-elect campaign for Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange.


Mowery needed to leverage legacy data assets and efficiently collect new data both on and offline for Strange in a crowded primary that included a well-financed opponent with high name ID.


Mowery purchased an enhanced voter file from L2 and his team made it actionable with the VoterTrove platform. The data collected would be matched back to the voter file to drive key targeting decisions across all channels.

“The first thing you have to decide on is, who you’re trying to reach, how they’re best reachable, and how effective each medium is at reaching your targets. “

David Mowery, Mowery Strategies

Dave devised a digital media mix with a broad swath of digital platforms including Facebook, Pandora, and cookie-targeted display and pre-roll ads served through VT Activate.

Mowery’s targeting across all digital platforms and traditional voter contact was virtually synced and emphasized list building, persuasion and finally GOTV.

With VT Activate, he targeted their most likely voter targets and pockets of unreliable voters modeled to lean towards Mayor Strange based on the data collected in VoterTrove.


Mayor Strange was re-elected with 57% of the vote, avoiding a runoff, and securing a third term in office. His margin over the well-known former Congressman Davis was 30%. Dave attributed their success to a tightly integrated, data-driven campaign extending their offline data online driving higher engagement across all platforms.

VT Activate easily eclipsed industry benchmarks for both CTR’s and VTR’s by leveraging precision, cookie matched, voter targeting across desktop and mobile display and pre-roll on premium web sites within the city.

You can read more about Mayor Strange’s reelect and our role in the race in a recent piece written by Dave Mowery on