I started this company in 2012 on the premise that integrated, data-driven campaigns will some day be the norm. The past four years have been been a lot of fun, industry awards30+ statesstartup incubator, yada yada. I know.. I’ll stop.

Back to data. I’ve talked often about the power of integration. Data done right is like a mosaic, each is tile organized in a way that tells a story. Disparate and siloed data (think 20 excel spreadsheets) is like a bucket of randomly colored tiles… no narrative, just a bunch of shiny objects.

From day one, VoterTrove was designed to be the foundation of data-driven campaigns by centralizing and boosting data collection to help you build a narrative around your data.

We did this by fully integrating all outreach tools right in the platform to optimize data collection and enhancement… canvassing, phone banks, IVR polling, robocalls, email blasting, text blasting, web forms, uploads matched back to the voter file, Facebook matching and more.

Most recently, we added the ability to create custom Facebook audiences without leaving the platform. Our clients are now targeting their Facebook ads the same way they target their mail, robocalls, emails and so on.

All of it’s cool, but we’re not taking a victory lap. Software is never done.

We’re really excited to announce our newest fully integrated feature; online polls. Think SurveyMonkey, only completely integrated with your voter file.

It works like this:

1: Create your survey in VoterTrove.
2: Grab the embed code to put on your site.
3: Drive traffic to the survey with an email blast or online ads (blast emails can be sent from VoterTrove).

When someone takes your survey, the data is appended to the voter or contact profile.

That’s it.

Sound too easy? See the whole process done in a few minutes below.

Don’t hesitate to reach out of you want to take if for a spin. Fill out the form below to learn more!

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