A VoterTrove client discusses his digital firm with me in October of 2014.

It was close to the end of the 2014 election cycle. A client and I were just wrapping up a call when he started talking about digital ad placement. It was more like venting actually, with a little yelling.

He was frustrated. It’s not that he didn’t value digital. Coming from the world of direct mail, he saw it as a natural extension. Why wouldn’t he want to hit the same voters online as he was targeting with his mail?

As he explained it to me, his problem boiled down to three things:

  1. He was sold on a level of targeting that he was beginning to see as overkill.
  2. He was unimpressed by the reporting. This made him question where his money was going.
  3. He thought too much of his money was going to his digital firm.

At the end of our conversation, he asked me why VoterTrove didn’t offer ad placement services. We knew technology, he said. He also told me how happy he was with our customer service.

I thought about it for a minute, and couldn’t think of a reason why we shouldn’t.

He was right. We had already built some big boy technology. We understood voter files, data, and targeting. It seemed like many of our clients were open to evaluating other options in digital. I was confident we could find a better way for them.

Since then, we’ve built a team of experienced folks to help our clients craft strategy, produce creative, and execute a digital plan. We launched VoterTrove Activate as a service late in 2015.

What exactly is VoterTrove Activate and how do we compare?

  1. We offer premium ad units. With these ad units, our clients have seen CTR’s four times industry averages. Basically, the ads we place have higher viewability. For example, we can serve display ads that scroll down with the page, keeping them in view for a longer period of time.
  2. We will cookie-match your voter file… for free.
  3. You will almost certainly pay less for display and pre-roll ad placement. In many cases, it will be much, much, less.

So what are you giving up? Not much.

We can place display and pre-roll on the same premium web sites that our competitors can.

We can target ads cross-platform, to voters, based on party, voting propensity, and tons of consumer and demographic data points.

So, that’s it. Same service, from an experienced digital team, for less money, from an award-winning tech start-up.

Want to talk? Shoot us a note here.

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