About VoterTrove

The Platform

VoterTrove is an award-winning data management and advocacy platform. It is built to support campaigns and voter contact. Since its release in 2012, the platform has been used in political campaigns in over 30 U.S. states, in races from city council to President.

Shortly after its launch, VoterTrove was honored with two of the most prestigious awards in the political industry in the U.S.:

Campaigns and Elections Magazine’s Reed Award for Best Use of Application Software, and
Excellence Award for Best New Technology from the American Association of Political Consultants.

Since 2015, the VoterTrove platform has also been utilized by numerous statewide advocacy organizations in the U.S. to better engage membership and initiate grassroots supporters on legislative issues.

In 2017, VoterTrove launched in Australia, bringing 5 years of ongoing product development, and innovation in campaign technology to a growing market.

At its core, VoterTrove is a powerful data management platform that coordinates a number of data sources, spreadsheets, and digital platforms together in a single online platform.

The platform offers six different outbound messaging tools, enabling organizations to contact and engage with the public and voters through multiple communication channels. Users of the platform can also create surveys and web forms to drive data acquisition.

VoterTrove’s next major release is scheduled for November of 2018. The platform will remain true to its core functionality of easy-to-use data management, but with added prebuilt integrations to popular digital platforms like MailChimp.

The platform will also include data acquisition and activation tools making it simple for constituents to find and connect with their elected officials in eight countries.

The Team

Justin Gargiulo is the Founder and CEO of VoterTrove.


Justin is an expert in voter data and has become a frequent speaker on the current and future state of political campaign technology. He is a contributor to Campaigns and Elections Magazine, the primary publication for campaign and advocacy professionals across the globe.

Justin was named one of Campaigns and Elections Magazine’s “Influencers 50” List in 2014.

The list is comprised of 50 campaign strategists and technologists who, according to the magazine, are “changing the way we think about campaigns and shaping the future of the industry”. Justin has been been named a “Top Influencer” by Ballotpedia in Texas politics for the last four years.

Justin is married to Sue Gargiulo, has two lovely girls and loves nothing better than coaching his daughter’s softball teams and a good IPA (fortunately for all involved these are never enjoyed concurrently)

Scott Yeldell, Director of Client Services (Australia)


0-1Scott has spent the last 15 years as a data-driven political operative in the U.S.. He has led campaign data teams on state and federal campaigns of all sizes. He has also served in an official capacity as the Washington D.C. Chief of Staff to former Congressman Quico Canseco.

Scott was an early adopter of a data-driven approach to political campaigning. Seeking cutting edge data management technology for his clients in 2012, he became one of VoterTrove’s first customers. He relied on VoterTrove to manage voter data for nearly 20 campaigns. Scott’s role now is to help our Australian clients leverage the platform in data-driven campaigns the way he has in the U.S. for the last six years.

Josh Eboch, Director of Client Services (U.S.)


joshJosh Eboch has specialized in online marketing and fundraising since 2006. He has managed digital marketing programs for political campaigns and organizations in over 20 states.

Before joining VoterTrove, he served as Political Director for Senator John Cornyn’s 2014 re-election campaign in Texas. There he built and managed an award-winning online list-building, fundraising, and get out the vote program, which was recognized by The Washington Post and The New York Times, and was the subject of a Facebook case study.