• Legislative Battle? You Need Allyz.

    Allyz is simple software that allows you to setup and track digital patch-through calls.
    There are no monthly fees. You only pay for calls placed to legislators.

Here's How Allyz Works:

  1. Add content and call to action related to the targeted bill or issue to an Allyz web form.
  2. Choose the legislative body to target; State House, State Senate, or Congress. You can also specify a single phone number and official for all advocates to call.
  3. Use our landing page, or grab the embed code to put the form on your site. Now spread the word!
  4. After filling out the form, Allyz displays the name of the advocate’s legislator. A few minutes later, the advocate’s phone rings. When they pick up, they will be transferred to their legislator.
  5. You can access reports during or after the campaign on who placed calls, duration of calls, and more.

Phone Calls Matter

Technology has improved many things, but email advocacy isn’t one of them. It takes very little effort for a constituent to click a button to fire off a pre formatted email to their legislator. Legislative offices know this as well. Mass emails are routinely flagged, and generally ignored.

Allyz makes it easy and convenient for advocates to place phone calls.

Voices are hard to ignore. Voices have impact.

Higher Quality Calls

Automated Press One calls give advocates shallow context to the issue they are expected to call about, or the legislator they are calling. These calls can confuse advocates, reducing the impact of the call.

Advocates choose to make a call through the Allyz platform only after learning about the issue. After making this choice, they are informed of the legislator they will be calling, and when the call will be coming.

The result is a more motivated and informed advocate, and a higher quality call.

Who's Using Allyz?

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