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Why the Best Data in the World Won’t Win You An Election

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VoterTrove Releases Facebook Ad Platform Integration

Since our release nearly three years ago, Facebook has continued to change the way we communicate. As first-party data evangelists, we were really excited when they made custom audiences available in their ad platform. This enabled campaigns to match email … Read More

Why Data-Driven Campaigns Should Think Like Facebook

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No Victory Laps

I’m not a fan of victory laps. A lap is running in a circle. Should people appreciate their accomplishments? Absolutely… but the next accomplishment won’t be achieved soaking in the accolades while running back to where you started. In Republican … Read More

In the News: 5 Austin startups to watch from Capital Factory’s 2014 demo day

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50 States by 2016

Two years ago today we launched our first client. It’s been quite a journey since. The VoterTrove data platform has now been used on campaigns in 23 states in the past 24 months, received multiple national industry awards and gained … Read More

What our clients say…

It’s been quite a year at VoterTrove. After gaining acceptance into a prestigious startup incubator program in Austin we saw our growth quickly accelerate. As we added new clients, we solicited feedback from existing customers to help guide us in … Read More

Upcoming Webinar: Data and Digital, Understanding the Integrated Campaign

We were excited to announce a partnership with CampaignGrid for online advertising back in February. This partnership has allowed our clients to target voters online by cookie matching their VoterTrove database. This is way cooler than it may sound. Basically, … Read More

VoterTrove Wins AAPC Campaign Excellence Award for Best New Technology

Award Goes to GOP Technology for First Time San Diego, CA—April 7, 2014— VoterTrove, the leading cloud-based data management platform for GOP campaigns, was recently awarded a Campaign Excellence award for “Best New Technology” from the American Association of Political … Read More