Is Bitcoin A Model For Campaign Data Security?

by Justin Gargiulo, Founder, VoterTrove The recent surge in the value of cryptocurrencies has drawn attention to the millions that are being made by investors in altcoins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin. It makes for a nice headline, but these … Read More

Battle Won

We were proud to partner with Red Brick Strategies and play a part in a historic win last week by Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle. The campaign needed to reach voters across platforms to educate them on the Mayor’s strong record … Read More

Let’s Get Digital

A VoterTrove client discusses his digital firm with me in October of 2014. It was close to the end of the 2014 election cycle. A client and I were just wrapping up a call when he started talking about digital … Read More

4 Ways To Get Your Data-Driven Campaign Off The Ground

Article first appeared in Campaigns and Elections By Justin Gargiulo, CEO, VoterTrove Big data has reached critical mass. Even SxSW, the multi-media conference that happens in Austin each year, is tackling the subject. On March 13, attendees were treated to … Read More

New Feature: Online Surveys

I started this company in 2012 on the premise that integrated, data-driven campaigns will some day be the norm. The past four years have been been a lot of fun, industry awards, 30+ states, startup incubator, yada yada. I know.. I’ll stop. Back … Read More

Keeping Montgomery Strange

Working along side Alabama based general consultant Dave Mowery of Mowery Strategies, VoterTrove and VT Activate played a central role in a highly integrated, data-driven re-elect campaign for Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange. Goal Mowery needed to leverage legacy data assets … Read More

The first thing you have to decide on is, who you’re trying to reach, how they’re best reachable, and how effective each medium is at reaching your targets.

David Mowery, Mowery Consulting


Article as it appeared on By David Mowery The simmering tension between traditional media consultants and their new media counterparts is a popular panel topic these days. Given a chance, most consultants will yap for hours about the fight … Read More

Why the Best Data in the World Won’t Win You An Election

Originally published by Campaigns and Elections on July 28th, 2014. To extract the most value, campaigns will have to move beyond the idea of data as a solution. Nowadays we talk about data as a solution to the problem of … Read More

VoterTrove Releases Facebook Ad Platform Integration

Since our release nearly three years ago, Facebook has continued to change the way we communicate. As first-party data evangelists, we were really excited when they made custom audiences available in their ad platform. This enabled campaigns to match email … Read More