Tommy Battle

We were proud to partner with Red Brick Strategies and play a part in a historic win last week by Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle.

The campaign needed to reach voters across platforms to educate them on the Mayor’s strong record on jobs, and vision for the future of the Huntsville economy.

Working along side the award winning consulting firm Red Brick Strategies, the campaign utilized the VoterTrove platform as the center of their data-driven grassroots campaign and power a multi-channel messaging, and data collection strategy.

The campaign also needed to reach voters online. Through VoterTrove Activate, voter-targeted display, and preroll ads were served to targeted voters in the city of Huntsville across mobile and desktop.

Despite ads running at a time when the attention of voters was dominated by coverage of the Republican National Convention and the Olympics, VoterTrove Activate still delivered CTR’s on display advertising over four times industry benchmarks.

The result? The largest margin of victory in a Mayor’s race in Huntsville history. Mayor Battle also successfully increased his vote margin for the thrid straight time.

Times are definitely good in Huntsville, and Mayor Battle had an amazing story of accomplishment to share with voters. We are grateful that the campaign choose our technology to tell his story.

Gearing up for November? Need help on data/digital for your campaign? Give us a shout.

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