• Reach Voters, Online, Anywhere

    With VoterTrove Activate you can use a voter file,
    or your own data to reach the right voters, with the right message.

Online Ad Placement

Extend your data to reach voter-targeted audiences across display, pre-roll, and social on all screens. Activate leverages direct relationships with premium publishers to drive engagement well above industry averages.

List Building

Need more names on your email list? Let our experienced digital team develop and execute a multi-platform email acquisition strategy.

Activate Display, Mobile, and Video

It’s estimated that over 50% all online ads are not viewable. Activate delivers a portion of every media buy with 100% viewable inventory across all screens and platforms for no added cost. As a result, our clients typically see CTR’s that are 2-3 times industry averages.

Voter Targeted Digital Advertising

Target voters online the same way you target with mail, phones, and email. All ads are served to a cookie-matched, national voter file allowing you to target by district, party affiliation, voting propensity, new voters, and more. You can also target by and series of issue-based models as well as demographic, consumer, and behavioral attributes.

Tommy Battle for Huntsville Mayor

Partnering with Alabama-based consulting firm Red Brick Strategies, the Battle campaign used VoterTrove Activate to reach likely voters across all screens and score a historic victory in the 2016 Huntsville Mayor’s race.

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List Building Services

Today, the foundation any successful digital campaign is an active email list, but building a list takes time, money, and a clear strategy. We have the experience to help. Ask about our Performance-Based Pricing. No fees, no retainer. You only pay when we acquire names for your list.