• Want to Be Heard in the Halls of Power?

    First, You Need Allyz.

Make An Impact

Allyz merges VoterTrove’s award-winning data platform with powerful digital tools to connect your members and grassroots supporters with elected officials and decision makers.

Now anyone in your organization can quickly create custom campaigns to drive phone calls, tweets, Facebook posts, and emails in support of any issue or cause.


Here’s How Allyz Works:

Choose how you want to activate your supporters.

Allyz lets your supporters contact the target of any campaign via:

  • Digital Patch-Through Calls
  • Constituent Emails
  • Social Media

Choose your campaign’s target.

Using their location, your supporters will then be connected with the correct:

  • Elected official in their state or district
  • Elected official within a custom polygon you create
  • Custom target you define

Start spreading the word!

Grab the embed code, paste the form onto your landing page, and start sharing your message with supporters!

Allyz makes it easy to instantly launch your campaign, complete with your own branding – without an expensive microsite or custom web development.

Monitor your results in real time to see how many contacts have been made. Track the number of contacts by campaign, supporter, or targeted official.




All Politics Is (Still) Local

With the gridlock in Washington these days local regulation can be more critical to the interests of your cause than sweeping federal legislation.

But limited access to data on decision makers at the local level can make it difficult to connect your supporters with the right people to make an impact.

Allyz lets organizations add their own custom targets tied to districts built within the platform in a simple interface.

Campaigns at the local level can have an outsized impact by effecting change in your supporters’ own backyards.

Ready to get more out of your advocacy program?

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