• 2020 will be the P2P election.
    Are you ready?

    VoterTrove now offers turnkey, end-to-end management of P2P text message campaigns, from data acquisition and message development to sending and reporting.

What is Peer-to-Peer Texting?

Peer-to-Peer texting (P2P) is a method campaigns can use to communicate with voters via SMS. Since P2P messages are sent one-by-one, by an actual human being, there is no legal requirement for the voter to have opted-in before receiving a text. Sending texts manually is time-consuming and difficult, which is why we provide this service to send them on your behalf.

Why is it Effective?

People read them, in fact 98% of them do, and most of them within the two minutes of receiving the message. Why? Because texting is personal. P2P gives campaigns the ability to reach voters in the same way they communicate with their spouses, family, and close friends.

We Can Help

VoterTrove manages the sending process from data strategy and acquisition, assisting with message creation, sending, managing opt-outs, responding (if needed), and reporting. Reports include deliverability, opt-outs, response rate, and clicks.

Client Testimonials

VoterTrove launched in 2012. To date, we’ve helped campaigns in more than 30 states. We first offered our P2P service in mid-2019 and have since sent over 1,000,000 text messages on behalf of clients. 

Check out what others are saying about the service.

"We used peer-to-peer texting in our last campaign for the first time. We wanted to make a more personal connection with voters and were very happy with the results. Justin and his team were great to work with. They supplied the data, set up and sent the messages, and provided detailed and timely reporting. We were able to ID more voters, more efficiently and cost-effective than we could have with phones or canvassing."
Sean Kumnick Campaign Manager, Boughton for Mayor
"We worked with VoterTrove to send targeted peer-to-peer text messages alongside a coordinated digital effort for a historically, very low turnout race. VoterTrove provided the data we used across all channels. We saw great engagement with the texts and VoterTrove did a great job managing the replies and opt-outs. Not only did we win, We saw a 54% increase in turnout - more than our margin of victory - from the previous election. We would not have won without these efforts and the strategy that VoterTrove helped us design and Implement."
Reb Wayne President, Mesa Media & Reb Wayne Judicial Campaigns


$0.12 per text (replies are free)
Full Service Texting
  • $250 Minimum Order
  • Data Setup
  • Message Development
  • Reporting
$0.03 per record
Mobile Numbers
  • $150 Minimum Order
  • One-Time Cost. You Keep the Data.
  • Data Targeted by District, Party, Voting History, etc
  • Records also include Name, Address, Gender, Age, and more

Do you know how many of your likely voters can be reached via text?

Let’s find out. In just a few minutes we can run a target voter analysis in your district and provide you with a free report on the size of your potential texting audience.

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