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    The VoterTrove platform was designed for campaigns and causes who want to get more out of data.

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No More Data Silos

Upload Silo lists to VoterTrove and merge your data with the voter file using VT Match. VoterTrove also offers easy-to-use upload tools enabling you to easily match back records with State Voter ID’s or VoterTrove ID’s.

Multi-Channel Marketing

VoterTrove lives at center of a multi-channel communication strategy. Within the platform, you can quickly build targeted lists, initiate outreach, and collect data all in the same place. Our fully integrated contact tools include auto-dial and online polls, call-from-home phone banks, walk lists, Facebook custom audiences, text messages, emails and more.

Let's Get Digital

The data-driven campaign of 2018 and beyond needs to seamlessly blend both on and off-line data collection. That’s why we’ve built out our digital footprint to include integrated online sign-up forms, petitions, and surveys. The best part? All data collected online is automatically matched back to your voter file.

You Build it, You Own it

We’re a software company, not a data company. Data you collect is yours and yours alone. We don’t sell, rent, or build models off your hard-earned data. That means there is zero chance of your data falling into the wrong hands.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

VoterTrove has been honored with two of the most prestigious awards in the political industry: Campaigns and Elections Magazine’s Reed Award for Best Use of Application Software and the Excellence Award for Best New Technology from the American Association of Political Consultants. In addition, VoterTrove CEO Justin Gargiulo was named to Campaigns and Elections Magazine’s “Influencers 50”.

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