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Data Management Platform

Don’t let your valuable first party data fall through the cracks. VoterTrove seamlessly integrates data collected by your team both online and off with your central database. Easily merge siloed records to the voter file and update existing voters with VT Match.

Fully Integrated Voter Contact

No need to learn and pay for 5+ different online platforms. With all of your data in one place you can easily create, track, and optimize cross-channel conversations with voters and key advocates across phones, doors, email, text, mail, Facebook, robocalls, and both IVR and online surveys.

Facebook Integration

Amplify the value of your Facebook presence. With VoterTrove and VT Match, you can merge Facebook users who have interacted with your page to the voter file, serve up call lists to volunteers including their Facebook friends, and even create custom Facebook audiences without leaving the platform.

Online Ad Placement with VoterTrove Activate

Extend your data to reach voter-targeted audiences across display, pre-roll and social across all screens. Activate leverages direct relationships with premium publishers to drive engagement well above industry averages.

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